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New Product-SL18125P
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New Product-SL18125P

Dolphin Wong 2015-08-11 10:11:06
We became the agent of Stanley,offer the best wet and dry vacuum cleaner and quality service to customers.
Stanley vacuums make short work of even the toughest jobs,saving your time and effort.

1. The Product Features;
    Lightweight,Powerful and Portable;
    Use for quick wet and dry pick up jobs in your home,garage,workshop or vehicle.

2. Parameter Sheet


220-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Motor Power

600 W

Tank Capacity

4.0 L


28 (L/s)


12 Kpa

Cable Length

1.8 M

3.  Accessories
    1.2m x 32mm diameter hose;
    Crevice nozzle;
    Gulper nozzle;
    Mounting bracket

4.  Filters
    Reusable dry filter w/mounting ring Foam filter