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About Car Vacuum Cleaner

  • Author:Dolphin
  • Release on:2017-01-17
As everyone known, car will be fulfill with dust after a period time. Dust on dashboard will affect  driver to read parameter from that, dust on wind shield will affect the driver’s sight. What’s more, if accumulated a large amount of dust in the cars will increase the probability of suffering from respiratory and other diseases, bad for your health.

      Car vacuum cleaner comes into being, it successfully address these issues.

   Car vacuum cleaner is grouped according to power into three classes.
   1.Less than 100watt.
   Under this power, there are lots of brands with cheap, but the suction power is small.

   2. 100watt~300watt
   The car vacuum cleaner has great suction power, but price is relatively expensive.

   3. More than 300watt.
   The suction of car vacuum cleaner is maximum under this stage power. It isn’t suitable for every type of car as its high requirements on the inverter. Recommended that often drive to the wild or long-distance driving choose this high-power car vacuum cleaner.