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How to use vacuum cleaner to prolong life?

  • Author:Suzhou AZA
  • Release on:2015-07-21
     In order to extend a good vacuum cleaner’s  service life,must be used correctly,and how do maintenance after use. Following the below method,it can extend working life.
1. To check dust bag is clean before use, if necessary,cleaning and reusing.
2. To avoid motor overheating burned,continuous using time should not be more than 2 hours.
3. Vacuum cleaner with dust full indicator,do not work while dust full.If found close to full gears,should immediately stop cleaning.
4. Keeping vacuum cleaner from water pump and radiation source and stoves when using.
5. To protect wire insulation layer, to prevent long-term from dragged on the ground causing damage.
6. Cleaning the place, to prevent sharp objects into a vacuum cleaner and damage the motor.
7. When using forbidden to put hands or feet under the mouthpiece , to avoid danger.