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Human Landed on the Moon-Today on History
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Human Landed on the Moon-Today on History

Suzhou AZA www.todayonhistory.com 2015-07-20 21:03:57
    20th July,1969,it was a big day for human.3 astronauts aboard a "Apollo 11" spacecraft into lunar orbit after a long journey,and then dispatched 2 astronauts transfer Lunar Module down to the surface in the lunar module. Started with moon shots. Captain Armstrong took first door platform , face the strange moon world gaze after a few minutes , move the right foot, step three stops to climb down the ladder. He found that his left foot into the lunar surface,was finally set foot on the lunar surface right foot. Then hi said:This is a small step for a man, but it is a leap forward for human beings.
    It is a pity that the moon in front of Armstrong is supper Sahara without air and water, only black sky,dust, a desolate and silent world.
    18 minutes later, astronaut Aldrin ino the surface lunar. They wear spacesuits ghostly lunar surface , " swimming " , jump , shoot the lunar landscape , collect moon rocks and lunar soil , install equipment , conduct experiments and sent back to the ground control center probe information
    Three astronauts return to earth by command module, landing in the Pacific. After activity finished,they boarded LM fly away from the moon,and enter lunar orbit.
    The flight lasted 8 days 3 hours 18 minutes, stayed 21 hours 18 minutes on the surface of lunar. Although it is quiet short time,but it is a historic feats. Astronauts left a monument was written: In July 20th ,1969,this first set foot on the moon, we come here on behalf of peace for all mankind.