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We will attend Canton Fair

  • Author:Suzhou AZA
  • Release on:2015-09-22
    As a professional manufacturer of vacuum cleaner, Suzhou AZA Clean Electric Technology Co.,Ltd will attend 118th Canton Fair. As China vacuum cleaner supplier, we will show our quality and service to cutomer from all over the world.

    For exhibitor, an exhibition not only advertising their company, but also market their company and product to attractive more potential customer by  demonstration. Deal is the ultimate goal.

    So preparatory work becomes particularly important.
1. Choose example which will be shown;
2. Catalogue, Business card, camera,notebook,computer,all of the above are necessary, no need to explain.
3. A4 paper,pen or pencil,these would be help if customer difficult to express themselves, they can write or draw something.
4. Glue,tape,sugar,coofee,tissue,book sewer,clips,folder.

    But most important of all, exhibitor personnel must be careful. Next time, I will continue to pass on experience.