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9.18- Today on History

  • Author:Dolphin
  • Release on:2015-09-18
    Keep history and national humiliation in our mind!

    1931.9.18, while Chinese civil strife, Japanese imperialism launched a plan to have a long time of wars of aggression, incident opened the prelude of Japanese aggression, the three northeast provinces colonized by the Japanese imperialists. 30million Chinese suffered Japan militarists extremely cruel ravage and destruction, mired in dire straits. This year is 84 anniversary. We keep in mind that part of the history of aggression, slavery, and cherish today's peace!

     9.18 accident have alarming all Chinese,"The Chinese nation had reached the most dangerous condition!" has been became the common human sense of Chinese people.  National crisis deepened step by step process, national responsibility is also rapidly increasing, and put into practice.  Lots of Patriotic intellectuals activity stated their political views, called on the people of whole country "Everyone should be treated as their own pain, in a daredevil spirit, unite for active struggle and struggle".  All sectors of the general public and active part in anti-Japanese and national salvation movement in various forms.

    We suffered so much in modern history, and we therefore value peace, stability, harmony and freedom more than anything else.