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AZA Clean Attended Hong Kong Electronics Fair
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AZA Clean Attended Hong Kong Electronics Fair

Dolphin 2017-05-16 10:51:48
  From 13 to 16,April, Suzhou AZA Clean Electric Technology Co.,Ltd was attended HK Electronics Fair. It’s honor that on behalf of AZA Clean, I attended HK Electronics Fair.

  We shown lots of new vacuum cleaner to customers from all over the world, include 2 new model of cordless vacuum cleaner, 1 model of bigger stick vacuum cleaner. Lots of customers were very interested in our new product and give us many positive suggestions. Thanks for our lovely and sincerity customers, we’ve made improvements and achieved remarkable progresses.

  With September is coming, home appliance must get approval of ERP2. There are four models of canister vacuum cleaner can meet demand in our exist production line. I believe these models can assist customers to face new hard Energy Standard.

  In a word, we were obtained many things from exhibition. And our company will continued to attend fairs.