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Spring Festival (3)
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Spring Festival (3)

Dolphin Wong 2017-02-17 16:11:49
        Spring Festival is a happy and peaceful festival , what is a family reunion day, people who is  away from home will come back to together in this period of new year. People often do not sleep on the last day of year and stay up to welcome the new year. We call it pernoctating, also called New Year's Eve. It is the most important of years custom activities.

        In Northern China,people usualy eat dumpling during Spring Festival. Approach is to first dumplings and noodles, "and" the word is "competent", it means the whole family enjoy happiness. But in the south, people usually have the habit of eating rice cakes, sweet sticky rice cake, symbolizing the life of a sweet new year honey, step by step.

       After New year Bell knocked, people start to set off firecrackers, and listening to the bombing sound. Everywhere was jubilant and full of hope for the future. The new year has begun,everybody was in gala dress, visit families (especially those older than yourself) and friends to pass on your good wishes for the New Year.