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Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Brief Introduction

  • Auteur:Dolphin Wong
  • Release op:2015-08-14
    Commercial vacuum cleaner is cleaning machine which is used to clean floor,crack,desk and so on in the commercial spaces. The power source of most commercial vacuum cleaner is power supply, some is air-pressure power. A high-efficiency commercial vacuum cleaner have three essential elements which is the same as vacuum cleaner: powerful suction,effective filtering,and durability.
    Feature 1:
    Commercial vacuum cleaner not only vacuuming dust, but also can vacuuming water, clean carpet,multi-angle clean,effective filtering,etc. The working strength of commercial vacuum cleaner is stronger than home vacuum cleaner. Because commercial vacuum cleaner’s application environment is complicated, cleaning requirement is high, and need to control noise. What’s more, commercial vacuum continuous use long-time,and high working intensity. From above all conditions determine quality vacuum cleaner,and fully functional. Otherwise,commercial vacuum cleaner won’t meet market demand.
    Feature 2:
    Although commercial vacuum cleaner have fully function, but it’s difficult to handle kinds of working environment. With more type of commercial vacuum cleaner development, new vacuum cleaner improved working efficiency. Such as, backpack vacuum cleaner used for cleaning passage of cinema and cabin, it not only improve working efficiency,but also make cleaning easier.
    To be continue...