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How to Develop New Customer

  • Author:Dolphin Wong
  • Source:Lemo
  • Release on:2015-07-14
With the rapid development of world economy, foreign trade became main trend. As a international sales of exporter, how to develop new customer is the most important skill.
I will introduce some methods of find new client.

At the show, we can directly face the customer , allowing potential customers to your booth,and see your product, you will have a quick chat with the two sides exchanging business cards , or even take your sample catalogue . Such established initial contacts , make a visual impression of each other , it is better than the mail or fax develop a lot . Met with clients face , and then follow-up the development of that part of the customer will evoke memories , of course,response rate will be more higher.
Before the exhibition to do a detailed investigation preparatory work , according to the actual situation , select the appropriate event. After determining the exhibition, to be fully prepared , the information prepared. Exhibitors should be dressed smartly,and be polite . During the day we talked about customers, after the evening back to the hotel to try to send out a quote . Timeliness is very important.

2.How to use Google
Utilising keywords and multi-keyword combination.
For sales,the contact information is the most important to us,so we can use the below search method: vacuum cleaner @hotmail.com,or vacuum cleaner @gmail.com,and so on.You can get contact information directly.
Using local google search,following is common country google

3.Seize opportunity at anywhere,anytime
Opportunities are given to those who are prepared.There are many ways to find new customer.not only you can take part in exhibition,but also you can choose B2B which has became a trend in foreign trade.
Do good above three points,continued word hard,you will definitely achieve great things!