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History of Vacuum Cleaner 2

  • Author:Dolphin Wong
  • Source:www.baike.baidu.com
  • Release on:2015-07-18
    Booth’s company was called to Westminster Abbey to clear carpet used by Edward vii's coronation, the vacuum cleaner weight 88 Pounds, but it is too heavy and can not be universal.
    In order to reduce the burden of cleaning carpet, the company made new vacuum cleaner which vacuum dust into cleaner by fan,and then into dust bag. As Booth disable to produce and marketing this type of vacuum cleaner,he forward the patent to Hoover who is manufacturer feather. At the same year,Hoover starts manufacture O type vacuum cleaner with wheels, and then start with mass production. Hoover built a company named Hoover, and this vacuum cleaner sells quiet well. This first household cleaner design is reasonable , the development has no big change on principle .
    Denmark Fisker & Nielsen Company sell the first Nilfisk C1 vacuum cleaner at 1910, weight 17.5kg. As it can operated by single-person,people think highly of it at that time.
The initial vacuum cleaner is upright,Wingler Green from Stockholm invented canister vacuum cleaner, so Electrolux is the founder of vacuum cleaner