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  • Author:Dolphin Wong
  • Source:www.todayonhistory.com
  • Release on:2015-07-20
   The world famous action moive Bruce Lee Sudden Death
    Bruce Lee,formerly called Zhenpan Lee,Infant name Xifeng,was born  in San Francisco, California.Originally from Jun’an town, Shunde district, Foshan city, Guangdong province, China.Height 173 cm, weight 64 kg.
He is a famous martial art of philosophers, martial arts, martial arts actor, the world leader in budo reform, also is the founder of jeet kune do budo philosophy.
    At 1946-1959 period,as a child actor in Hongkong,he appeared in 18 Cantonese of dramas,include:The Kid(1950),Infancy(1951),Ku Hai Ming Deng(1953),A mother’s tears(1953),Blame it on Father(1953),A Myriad Homes(1953),In The Face Of Demolition(1953),Love(1955),Great Expectine(1955),The Faithful Wife(1955),Orphan's Song(1955),The More The Merrier(1955),Sweet Time Together(1955),   Thunderstorm(1957),Funny Face(1957),Ren Hai Gu Hong(1959).What’s more,he loves to dance Cha-Cha,and keep a dog,and he is dance the fan.Bruce Lee won champion of Cha-Cha at his boyhood days.
    He was invited to attend Long Beach Karate Tournament to perform,and was appreciated by William Dozier who is TV dram Batman producer, he was invited to take a screen test. Bruce Lee signed 30 sets with ABC television series "the green hornet" performance contract at 30th April,1966,played supporting actor Kato. Afterwards,he filmed her guest spot on Ironside and Here Come The Brides. 1971,Just because he could not accept the role of a responsible role in fighting " stunt man " type in "The Green Hornet " , so decided to return to Hong Kong to play movies, looking forward to break some new ground. When he returned to Hongkong, worked with Zou Wenhuai to 5films: The Big Boss,Fist of Fury,The way of the Dragon,Bruce VS Bill,Game of Death.
    On July 20, 1973, kung fu star Bruce lee's sudden death, only 32 years old.Bruce lee's death, is a mystery, opinions vary. 28th,July, Officials announced the death of Bruce lee: taking pain medications allergies caused by brain edema, resulting in death.Let medical experts puzzled the claim, so far, the world is not taking aspirin allergy lethal precedent. Why did Bruce Lee sudden death, really divergent views on.