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Double Seventh Festival
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Double Seventh Festival

Dolphin www.baidu.com 2015-08-20 13:14:26
    Lunar New year's July 7,Double Seventh Festival is Valentine’s Day of China. It is the most romantic festival of all Chinese traditional festivals.

    On a clear summer and autumn night, shinning stars in the sky, a white Milky Way running through north and south, between things on both sides of the river, each with a shining star, that is Altair and Vega.

    Sitting out and looking at stars on this night is folk traditional custom. According to the legend, all magpies fly to make the bridge for the Weaving Maid and Cowherd. The waving-girl is a young female divinity who is clever in mind and skillful in hand. And the secular girls and women will implore her for intelligence, skill and especially happy marriage. So Double Seventh Festival is also called Beg Skillful Festival.

    Legend in the Double seventh night, looked up and can see the gigolo knit meet the Milky Way, or in the melon and fruit under the frame can be overheard two people meet in the sky when talking about.

    Girls in the romantic night, watching the bright moon in the sky, seasonal fruits on the desk for god worship, implore heavenly goddess for cleverly mind and skillful hand, and especially happy marriage. In the past,marriage for women is lifelong business to decided whether they will be happy or not. So countless men and women will in this night to the sky pray your happy happy marriage.