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Sustainable Development of the World Summit - Today on History

  • Author:Dolphin Wong
  • Source:www.todayonhistory.com
  • Release on:2015-08-26
        To “save earth, focus on action” for the purpose sustainable development of the world summit in Johannesburg International Conference Center in Grand opening on 26th August,2002. This is the second after the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, organized by the United Nations international conferences on the most important global environmental problems and so far the biggest International Conference on the African continent.

        South Africa president Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki was selected chairman of the meeting.

        He emphasized the fact that, the goal of the human co-prosperity can be achieved. “Because human society has ability to eliminated poverty, overcome backwardness knowledge and source for the first time.”  To successfully apply these skills, knowledge and resources to achieve sustainable development, requires States to follow the "common but differentiated responsibilities" principle.

        Mbeki said, 10 years ago, adopted the United Nations' 21 Century Agenda and Rio Declaration and the other important documents,and then held a series of human progress and social development international conference show that, the whole world has reached such a consensus: Environmental protection, ecological balance and social progress and economic development must be coordinated to improve humanity's living standards and quality, promoting co-prosperity and prosperity of human society, must through global sustainable development be achieved.

        He said world hope that this meeting can achieve ideal and feasible plans for sustainable development. Some 10,000 representatives from around the world attended the opening ceremony.