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Exhibition Summary (一)
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Exhibition Summary (一)

Dolphin Wong 2017-11-07 11:03:25
As a professional manufacturer of vacuum cleaners, Canton Fair is our important promotional channel,Suzhou AZA Clean Electric Technology Co.,Ltd attended exhibition twice a year. Exhibition is not a simple display of products, marketing products,  to sell goods, but also have rapidly developed into the center of communication and access to information. Participating exhibition has also become an important part of the whole market development. As a company's old staff, I participated in trade fairs many times,I hope share my experience with my colleagues.

  A.Preparation before exhibition
  To prepare preliminary work for the exhibition when received notice from company.

  1.Invite customer to visit booth.
  After the booth has been identified, one of the most important tasks is to send out invitation letter to invite customers to visit our booth. Invitation letter should be shown the name of the exhibition, time, the company's booth number, exhibitors and contact. And the latest products catalogue can also be attached. Invitations generally be sent out around one month before the exhibition. What’s more, inviting customer will convey our company’s strength; Last but not least, to attend fair should equipped with professional technical engineers, in order to solve customers problem with professional.

  2.Re-learning of Product knowledge
    To maximum exhibition’s effect, exhibitors must have a better understanding of the product knowledge of our company, so that we can guide our customers correctly during the exhibition.

  (To be Continued...)