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Exhibition Summary (二)
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Exhibition Summary (二)

Dolphin Wong 2017-11-09 13:10:48
  B.Participation exhibition
  All the meticulous preparation before the exhibition is to paved the way for the exhibition, Communicating with customers is the most important. Details to determine success or failure, we should pay attention to some details, for example:

  Continuous fighting spirit: Exhibitors must keep a good image and be energetic!Good mental outlook not only embodies the company's vitality and vigorous atmosphere, but also to show customers the good quality of their own, to enhance customer cooperation with our confidence.

  Cautious: To patronize the booth customers, do not be timid, to take the initiative to greet, welcome to visit. But there will be a lot of peers to visit, in the exchange with competitors, to achieve some reservations, but also need to communicate with each other, try to learn from each other's speech, to get the industry information. As the Chinese saying goes,Know yourself and know your enemy, you will win every war! Therefore,exhibitors are also a comprehensive understanding of peers and the critical moment of the mapping.

  Reception of old customer: 1. Ask your customers for advice on the products on the purchasing; 2. Ask customers if they are adding new products and demand; 3. Get the planning of customer follow-up cooperation.

  Reception of new customer: Ask visitor is trader or terminal business, the main products, the number of products required. There are many people in the exhibition, will not communicate very long time. In order to follow the follow-up contact, it’s better to leave each other detailed contact, and if the visitors are not procurement, try to get the contact way of the procurement staff.

  Collection of data: The sales's information channel is very important, therefore must take advantage of the exhibition this rare opportunity, establishes the information source channel. Keep Product promotional materials with media or customers to obtain samples. The effect of complementary sharing of resources.

  Beware of Spies: The exhibition will often encounter the spies in the peer, they will pretend to be a customer to set our prices and our product promotional materials and technical and even customer information, so our exhibitors should continue to be highly vigilant. For those who ask for our information, we need to ask about his needs and the status of his company in detail, and analyze whether the follow-up is further approached in accordance with the decision.

  (To be continued...)