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The Legend of the Spring Festival
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The Legend of the Spring Festival

Dolphin Wong 2016-02-19 10:16:57
        It’s said that in ancient times called "Nian" Monster, with long antennae and ferocious. "Nian" live on the ocean floor, every new year's Eve climbed out, devouring livestock harm human life. Therefore, every new year's eve day, village of walled villages of people fled to the mountains to escape the "Nian" beast's damage.

        This new year's Eve, people was going to mountains to avoid disaster in a village called peach blossom , from a village outside an old man begging, in his hand a stick, arm lift bag, silver to be elegant. Some villagers sealed Windows locked, packing, some cows sheep, panic rush scene. At this time, the elderly people who care the begging. Only the village an old woman gives some food for the elderly, and urged him to quickly escape in the mountains "," beasts, the old man stroked beard said mother-in-law if I stay at home for a night, I'll take it "years" beast out. Granny surprised look, see his Ruddy complexion, Hale, bearing out of the ordinary. But she still continue to persuasion, begging the old man smiling without a Word. Mother-in-law had to leave home and went to the mountain refuge.

        The middle of the night, "" beast burst into the village. It found the village atmosphere, and in previous years: the village East head wife's husband's family, door sticks big red, lit candles inside the House. "Nian" beast tremble, let out a cry. "Nian" 's husband's family angrily for a moment, then pounce barking. Almost at the entrance to, hospital suddenly heard "banging popping" sound of bombing, "year" shuddered, and dared not go up. It turns out that "year" fear most red flames and exploding. At this time, the open door of her mother-in-law, wearing only a hospital by one of red-robed old man laughing. The "Nian" was surprised and embarrassed runnin.

        The next day is the first day of the first month, people sought refuge back to see the village safe and sound amaze. At this time, the woman realized quickly the elderly begging promises to tell the villagers. Villagers were crowding to the wife's husband's family, I saw her red paper taped to the door, in the unburned of bamboo is still in the "flap" exploding, inside a few red candles light ... ... Ecstatic folks to celebrate good fortune come, have a new CAP for new clothes, come say hello to relatives and friends. It quickly spread around the village, and is known to drive "Nian"beast approach.

       Since then the annual new year's Eve, people put up red couplets, setting off firecrackers and homes brightly lit candles and keep more for years. Beginning early in the morning, still walk a friend congratulate to say hello. This custom spread more widely, became the most important traditional festivals in China.